Korea Amateur Baduk Association

President Wilhelm Bühler with donation from Korea

In 2016 the Korea Amateur Baduk Association (KABA) has been managing a project, to support  Baduk Associations abroad with Baduk equipments. The project was sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.

One of 20 associations worldwide was the Karlsregion Go-Club, that is now Badischer Go-Verein (바덴 바둑 협회) in Karlsruhe/Germany/Europe.

The sponsoring for Baduk trainings in Karlsruhe contained

  • 1 demonstration board with magnetic stones
  • 10 count boxes (Korean clocks)
  • 10 training boards with 19×19 and 13×13
  • 10 sets of 18mm Baduk stones

We are very happy and thankful for this valuable donation for our effort to spread the game of Baduk in the southwest of Germany.

Wilhelm Bühler


Liang Tian 4d giving a Baduk course

A tsumego – this ladder looks like an ape

Baduk course December 2016

Liang Tian 4d giving a Baduk course

Liang Tian 4d giving a Baduk course

Baduk course in December 2016 – not everyone wanted to be on the photo

President Wilhelm Bühler – with Baduk equipment from Korea